Monday, August 01, 2005

Do you know?!

After meeting so many visitors around, I have learnt quite a great deal of things from them.

1) Do you know that in German, the name George is pronounced as GAY-YORG?

2) Do you know that Mike is pronounced as MICK in French?

3) Do you know that Dutch and Deutsch language is almost similar?

4) In Italian Fashion, they like to reveal what they wear under. Also, wearing WHITE - pants, skirts, berms, shorts is IDEAL with a contrasting coloured underwear to it. Best still if they're thongs and will peak out a bit. I wouldn't really say that they're walking exhibitionists, but I guess it is sexy. So tomorrow, I shall head out to Padova and buy my white pants.

5) JK and Xing are leaving for Singapore tomorrow!! They're doing good and am sending JK to the airport tomorrow. Bye bye :) (Afternote: Xing and JK left on a drizzley Tuesday).

6) Italian doors do not close properly and it takes a key to lock the door.

7) Vaporetto (or we what is known as ferryboats in Singapore) rides cost S$10 to get around the island. Imagine paying $10 for an MRT ride?

8) Public water coolers or taps are available everywhere in Italy.

9) Dogs in Venice are pretty tamed unlike the hungry ferocious ones in Singapore. They'll just raom around the streets on their own and get lost, and then find their owners. Cats on the other hand, are fat and fury.


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