Wednesday, August 31, 2005

another letter...

I came in to the pavilion yesterday to check e-mails from June over the visit, and instead, the guy next door was trying to tell me something. He told me to open the pavilion door and *voila* there's a letter left under the door. Another letter??!? Grrr ... read on ...


I'm the woman with the red hair, which talked to you on Monday in the afternoon - you thought, I was together with the man, do you remember?

Anyway, what I want to say is, that - to be honest at the first moment I wasn't very attracted by the work of Lim Tzay Cheun. You offered me the book and I hesitated, because I'd have to carry much stuff anyway. Perhaps because you talked so enthusiastically about Lim to the other man, I decided to pick it up. When I read it in the evening, I understood what he wants to say and I was very dascinated by the workds of him. I'm sure, that he is a very interesting artist!

You said to me, that the Golden Lion goes to the German Pavillon. I am a german guy so I won't disclaim about it, but if I would have to decide it, I would give the Lion to Lim Tzay Chuen.

Thank you for given me the book and best wishes to the artist and the curator.

P.S. I really would appreciate, if you could give me the internet adress for further informations about Lim (and - if you have any other artists in your country, that are as exiting as him - I would like these names also). My E-mail: Thank you!
mio dio!! I teared slightly after reading the letter! I can't believe that I've impacted her appreciation for Singapore art so much!! That's really sweet of her to come back and leave a note for us! Sweet!! I feel so accomplished! :)


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