Monday, August 27, 2007

so the pavilion drunk has taken his place again...
well... maybe he's redeemning himslef this time...
he;s brought a friend!
but his friend seemed pretty normal...
talking straight, walking straight...
the drunkard seemed to be.... giving him a tour i think??!
so wierd.

anyway.. THAT'S HIM!!
first time i saw him was outside hte palazzo.. thsi was the first time he was here with me.
he was fairly well behaved.. just drunken...
ubut not sleepiong everywherea dn bumping into things..
it was a bit tense when je wa s insde because i was expecting something to happen.. but it was all good.
and aaron i s off delivering the posters to the main land so it is just me!!
... am just a littttle sleepy so not much motr to comment on.,.
although the reason i'm so tired is becuase there's a communist party on now in venice...its wierd that they are coomunist!?!

anyway... will elaborate when i can open my

Saturday, August 25, 2007

House of Horrors

best guests ever.


they walked into the first room, Jason's DHARMA...
and i think both went white.

they proposed restoring the piece... said it would take them just over 2 years. Maybe Jason would be piqued into bringing the project to its next conceptual phase?

Photos from the last week

Scene from San Zaccaria: big ass cruise ship blocking out the entire isola di san giorgio maggiore
Happy Campers

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

tales of the unknown


so today aaron has gone to mestre (the mainland) to deliver posters.... and i am in the pav alone!

quick update...

- sound dome is less smelly.
thank diffusion.

- an older, charismatic italian man came up to me the other day and got me to explain Vincent's piece to him... IN ITALIAN!
i think i sounded like i had verbal constipation.
it was tough... but i think i managed to get his thinking juices flowing.

he left with a look of intrgue and a slight head tilt.

so i havne't really been to many other pavillions....
it's quite ba d really.
cos i've been to the MExican one twice!
and am plnanning to go again...
it has got to be one of the most amazing palazzo's a s well as really top quality work.

the artist works with sensors and technology and creates beautiful images, concepts and works of art.
his work made me smile, gasp, think, cry, and left me speechless.
it's real biennale quality.
compared to his work... most of the work in giardini looked amateur (to me).
and it has deflated my longing to expllore it in more depth.... but i know i really should...

i also wen t to the Taiwanese pavilion -
really cool concepts. it was called "atopia"
about a worl with no boundaries .. a "non -place"... globalization.

you enter the space and are immediately launched into this crazy, surreal, technicoloured world with strange noises and objects...
it's quite consuming.

i've taken some photos... and will put them up soon... i think aaron knows how to sort that out.

right... i need to attend to my palazzo now.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

tenderness over the counter

"Would you like another catalogue?", I proffered.
"No thank you, thats fine, we are together."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Peace restored

The sonic dome was starting to smell from the collective sweat dripping off the backs of daytrippers seeking respite from the afternoon sun, so we had to air the room out for a couple of hours. This morning, as we opened up the pavilion, a lady came out with bites all over her legs and kindly informed us that all hell has broken loose... But of course! The windows in that room opens out to a canal, and opportunistic venetian mozzies must have slipped in, laid low, in wait for the juicy ones. Aparna raced out to get some Baygon(odourless of course) and that should do the trick. No complains thus far.

Update: An ecstatic Chilean lady just emerged from the dome, proclaiming it 'spectacular'.

I am guessing the mozzies must have migrated to the reception.