Saturday, August 20, 2005

singapore shite

we received our first hate mail from the neighbours yesterday. Creepy! and we thought that it was the old woman who complained when Xing slammed the door, but it turned out to be another neighbour - 2516 woman. (xing - I don't think it was your fault and the slamming door. I think it is more of the neighbours and the slamming gate! Freakazoid! I am so pissed with them, and wonder how does JK tolerated their nonsense). Apparently, she blamed us for throwing a box of rubbish in front of her house. Hello? We're not even home yesterday and we don't drink a whole box of beer, for goodness sake! Grrr ... she was so rude and wrote a small note to us in scribbly Italian and pushed it under our door. Freakozoid!

and today, someone pasted their event sticker in front of our toilets. More left their exhibition brochures under the grapvines. Some people are just darf! We should ban people from having the liberty to use the toilets. Who say that anyone can use the toilets in the first place. Very shameless people. And the worst bit is that they will give me the look, like as if I'm cutting their toilet queue, when what I wanted to do was to check if the toilets are clean and the supplies replenished. KNNBCCB! Don't they realise that this is an exhibition space for the Singapore pavilion and Mr Asian here, belongs in this space?? Grrr ...

a whole bunch of francolites came over this morning and insisted on the French explaination. I greeted them with hello and they replied back, Bonjour! Don't they realise that English is our language here in Singapore? I am so pissed with the day so far. Very gerrruum. Oh well ... I will be strong and shall wait for the green light from NAC to ban people from using the toilets.



Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! so scary..i think you should hire security guards. those freaky old ladies..or get a dog. then again, you wouldn't want to find its head hanging on the door. oh, if they complain about stuff, tell them it was 'that stupid chinese girl again'. xing

Venice Intern said...

i could sense the anymosity from Antonia (the neighbour next door) recently. She's usually bubbly and chirpy and would pop her head over at our kitchen window. After that incident, she's been rather cold. Grr... I think she thinks that we're trouble makers!

Oh well, who cares! At least we don't slam the gate door and talk very loudly like no tomorrow or bring dogs around and make it shit everywhere.