Thursday, August 04, 2005


And so, JK left early in the morning for the airport. I helped him with his trolley bag all the way to the vaporetto station and I could see him grimacing carrying the bags. It was strange to be out in Venice at 7am, cos I've never gotten up so early before. And the streets were filled with dog poo and pigeon poo, creating an aweful smell altogether. I went back and slept for the next few hours.

Xing was up and ready to get to the airport. We chatted and in the end, she left. She left the apartment without her phone and I ended up running after her, while she was draggy her trolley to the vaporetto station. The MTV music played on and we got so draaama. I walked her to the station and it started to drizzle. I guess Venezia is sad that both of them are leaving. At least it wasn't a scorching hot afternoon to start off with.

So, off I went to Giardini and the surrounding pavilions. Some of the exhibitions were great and indeed inspirational, but others were utterly strange. I will write on more of them, but I guess I'll give it a more performative angle of the biennale versus JK's artistic view. And I will do that when less visitors are around, although I must add that I like the stuff from KOREA! I could see some resemblance with the video that I did for Pop Culture & Performance class last semester.

On another note, it has been quiet without Xing and JK. The house is finally cleaned and so is my room. I managed to cook rice and it turned out really good. I miss rice all of a sudden and i can't be on a pasta diet for 2 months yeah? Other than that, I thought of this idea of cooking dinner for 2 portions and save half for the next day's lunch. Great huh? So I had rice, curry devil's vege with fries last night and swapped the fries with cheese omelette for the lunch instead.

Feeling great and working out good! My french is improving and I told the visitors more about Singapore in French! Chouette! Oui ... a bientot mes amis!

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