Monday, October 29, 2007


2 days without internet (sigh)
8 more working days!!! wohoo...
8 more days till cass and phil comes...
16 more days to start of Euro trip...
37 more days till we see Singapore once again...
37 more days till we have to get a real job!!

Busy busy week. thursday we went shopping, the whole day dedicated to shopping. We bought more stuff for ourselves this time. Went to Rialto, and mestre to do a full, all out shopping spree!! Went to look for debs bag in mestre, was cheaper tho, but the design that she wanted was not available (don't remind her about it)..We bought musical stage puppets, handcrafted in Italy, and it moves to the music. One of a kind... Cost us a bomb (don't ask us about it..). On friday was Andrea's birthday, so we bought him a praline chocolate cake on the way to the train station and asked the shop keeper to reserve it for us till we got back about 8pm.Went mestre to look for bags, was a lengthy walk, and by the time we reach, most shops were closed for LUNCH. Apparently, italians have their lunch from 1230 till 1530. guess too much pasta requires a lil nap afterwards. We took a break at this asian cafe, where we had HARD croissants and NICE hot chocolate. We were sure the croissants were kept for a week! lol. Afterwards we asked for directions to Corso Del Popolo. Thats the location where they had the bags. We took a pit-stop at one of the deparmental stores, the first shopping mall we stepped into in Venice. I bought a top hat. NICE. We then made our way to Del Popolo, and when we reach the bag shop, we went on a hunt for the bag. Saw a similar one but the like i mentioned, it was not the right design. We then headed for the indian fast food restaurant where we bought tons of food, to celebrate Andrea on his birthday. We hopped on the bus (for free as the bus driver didn't have any more tickets to spare)...yay. We speed-walked from the rail station to get the cake, bought for Andrea a small towel that he requested for and paced ourselves home.

He was coming after work to celebrate with us, and we have to prepare everything before that. We prepared food for quite abit, and sneaked a preview of the chicken satay that I prepared before we left (to soak up the marination). It wasn't the ideal Singaporean Satay, but Deb thought it tasted good! We started to heat up the food we got from the indian restaurant, swithed on the TV and awaited Andrea's arrival. Time went by............and I fell asleep. Then suddenly awoken by the loud annoying buzzer. Andrea was FINALLY here. He arrived and changed into his first bday prezzie, given from his frn, a pink gay shirt! (it's supposedly a vintage tee....) We handed him our present he requested for, but what he didn't know was that we had a whole string of surprised up our sleeeeeves. =)

The food was good, on top of that, Andrea had commented that he preferred the satay chicken better than the tikka chicken frm the restaurant! YAAAAYY!!! A success! By the end of the dinner, we were all stuffed! Andrea got comfy on the sofa bed to watch TV, while Deb and I prepared the bday cake surprise...For once, the failing heating system was a blessing in disguise. We used that as an excuse for me to secretly bring the cake out to the laundry area (which has a window that connects to the toilet) while Deb "had to pee". So we both met at the window and I handed her the cake. She planted the nice candles and lit them, I gave her the signal to come out, and as she came out, we dimmed the lights and did a rather horrible rendition of a 'Happy Birthday'. He looked surprised, and said, "oh my god" several times... lol.. After blowing out the candles, we gave him the 2nd birthday gift, nother towel, this time a lil bigger just in case he needs a bigger one. Its actually a rolled-up Singapore Flag. By this time he was flustered. Hes been wanting to get a Singapore Flag for a long time, since he misses home so much. We asked Khim to get it for us when she came down...shh.. Then after he cut the cake and we had a slice each, we gave him his last birthday gift. We actually didn't know what to get someone who has everything, so we settled on a Fossil wallet, since it looked quite worn out. The fossil wallet was special as it had his embossed initial. Its one of a kind. He seemed quite pleased as well... with his many "oh my gods" We promised him that that was the last of our gifts.

Afterwards we just spent the rest of the evening watching a DVD of Hot fuzz... Then he slept over at our place, where the next day he was treated to a hearty breakfeast of one pancake (he was late for work and had to go... not our fault). Thats it for thursday and o friday we just spend the day at home after work watching buncha movies on tvs, Italian and German.

Will update again, whats happening in the week... happy reading

.ryf n dubs

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