Monday, October 08, 2007

The guilt trips

And so...Ryf and I haven't exactly been feeling too well. First it was me, came down with a horrible sore throat and cough, then had a runny nose. And just when I was getting slightly better, poor Ryf got ill. He looked so miserable and maintained a strict diet for himself. He excluded all sorts of dairy products and cold drinks (i bet it was the 2 slices of Nutella sandwich that he ate the night before that got him all sick). To make things "better" we had stayed up a little later at night watching TV with Andrea and slept late, as a result, Ryf and I weren't able to wake up at 4am to have our breakfast (We had to eat before 5am due to the fast). However, Ryf did manage to tolerate not eating at all and being sick at the same time, I take my hat off to him! We had kebabs the for dinner.

A day later, we're all feeling much better. It had to be the healing powers of the kebab! it was a darn awesome kebab wrap!! One day, when we get another one, we'll be sure to document that magic moment! Along with the wonderful tasting kebab, came the mighty guilt trip with the relisation that: WE HAVEN'T EXERCISED IN THE LONGEST TIME!!! So we started hunting for some running shoes. They're pretty pricey i must say, but as for me, it's a pretty good timing that my trusty little beagle had chewed a huge hole in my running shoes at home. So time to buy new ones! Ryf's been having a tough time in deciding which pair to buy. Seems to me he prefers the women selection. =) (and he glares at me as i type this) Me on the other hand, have been a little too fusy over my choice plus i refuse to spend anything more than 60 Euros.

Both our parents have been really helpful (thanks to skype), they deliver useful recipes to us, in the fear that their poor chilren might starve. Ryf's mum taught him how to cook this absolutly delicious dish, Kentang Dadu Dadu, which is potatoes with minced meat. My mum gave me the recipe for doing up our own pancake mix (pancake mix very rare here, we found one that was 4 euros though). So off went to Billa again, with a list of things to get. We had checked some words up in a translation tool thing to make sure we knew what stuff was called in italian.

Last night, we were all set to prepare the pancake mix, with our consultant chef, Andrea. Until, he spoke.........instead of getting baking soda, we had bought YEAST instead. Anyway, we went ahead with it, and had pancakes this morning. How was it you ask? it was good....only a little hard, and tasted a little more like bread. oops.

OKay, leaving the food out, and talking more bout the important stuff, such as the Singapore Pavilion.... Da Wu was around yesterday (7th Oct, Sunday) and he did a performance. Many people were present for it. There was even this one lady who has been coming down here enquiring bout Da Wu's next performance. She was present for the performance. There was also another lady who told Da wu that his performance was in conjunction with her birthday and that she feels the people gathering for the performance, in a way was celebraing her birthday. Great response, many enjoyed having rice on the banana leaf. We bought a can of odour eliminator for Zul's dome. It smells a lot better now, no more smelly feet.

For this coming week some things that we are excited about. Rofan, our friend from ICA is coming on Thursday, shes bringing us more sardines and more instant curry powder....oh yea and also ryf's mum packed some kuih goodies coz he'll be spending hari raya here...Sadly... lol. Another thing is that fasting will be over this coming friday... so we can have lunch like normal people here do.

Ok, closing time...
debs / ryf

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