Monday, October 22, 2007

Feeling chilly

The apartment is in a state of chaos. Max the landloard has been delaying to fix the heater. So right now there is no hot water, no heater, and practically no gas to cook. According to him, the people responsible for the heater has been delaying the process as they are attending similar problems. He says that its common, as winter is nearing and only now then they check the heater / radiators. we've been microwaving hot water for more than a week. And its simply unbearable. The water is ICY cold. no kidding how cold it is, seems like its spring waters from the mountains. Khim bought lots of food, and we are just waiting for the gas to be fixed so that we could cook. Haiz...

The weekend breezed pretty fast, On friday we went out for dinner in a restaurant recommended by Khim. The risotto was great, loaded with seafood and it came in a huge pot, enough for 4 people. We had that on the side of lobster spaghetti, fish soup and a plate serving of mixed grilled fish. The portions were huge. It was amazingly filling. Then we skipped desert for coffee and chocolatte drinks. When we steped out of the resturant, it had already started to rain. Lucky me, i didnt bring any water -proof coats and unmbrella, i had to run all the way back home, frezzing my ass off. Deb walked w khim, they walk slower

On thursday, we went to Padua, where we were amazed by Giotto's amazing Scrovegni Church. We are only allowed to spend 15minutes in the curch and make way for the next group of tourist as the entire building is equipped with humitdity control to preserve the beautiful frescos by the great Giotto. The church was simply amazing!! we were awed by the magnificient frescos and the superb technique on how he sectioned the various chapters of jeasus and mary's lives. The last judgement was even more breathtaking. its such a pity we were unable to take pictures.

Next we made our way to the 2nd oldest university in Italy. University of Pardua. Although the school is still active, when u enter the building, it still resonates the feel and essence of nostalgia of the past occupants. We spend some time at the university... it had a presence that is hard to describe. maybe its just me...i like old buildings.

Nxt we went to Porta Della Valle, an area covered with statues. It seemed that rich /important people at that time had their statues erected as a sign of status. It was an amazing sight, with names of the staues carved, to be imortalized for their future grandchildren to behold.

Soon after we headed to San Antonio Curch. It looks odinary from the outside, but once you step in. The walls and the ceilings were not filled with painting, but SUPER AMAZING marble sculptures. It literally had marble sculptures as ornaments throughout the entire church. the curch was believed to house the tomb of Saint. Anthony, and in the middle of the room, there seemed to be a relic. It was believed to be the tongue of Saint Anthony. A lil unbelieveable, but, the idea, i have to admit was kind of interesting.

Then we headed back to the train station to mestre where we were on a hunt for an eastpack shop. We reached there pretty late, around 7, and the shops close iin half hour, we rushed through the drizzling rain cold winds to reach our destination. When we cant seem to find the right street we decided to head back. OOh, we went to a Trudi store there, and tried finding for foofoo, when we enquired the owner about foof and its model, he replied that she was an old model, and the new shipment would come in a months time, for christmas. Maybe, its destiny. we wunt be able to find foof a mate. lol.

There was a surge of visitors to the plazzo on the weekend, with Da Wu conducting his performance. Nataliah, the ex intern was here with her boyfiend, Mahmood. She told us that we are so lucky to be in the plazzo. Its so much better compared to the location she was in 2 years ago. yeah lucky us! lol. There were a lot of participnts for the performance, kids especially were having a great time experimenting with chinese ink and also other dry medium. It was great to see people of all walks enjoying each others company doing art together.

Khim has left Venice for istanbul, Alan, has left for Paris and Rofan is leaving us in 2 days time. Soon we will be all alone once again... Till our good old friend cass comes in november. Cant wait till for our EUROtrip. wohoooo..

talk soon!

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