Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mixing it all in!

Friday we went to our Ochestra performance at Chisea San Vidal.Its an amazing and truely breathtaking experience. The Ochestra was playing Antonio Vivaldi's pieces, four seasons and more. The group was exhilarating and the audience cheered in celebration. Rofan was unlucky tho, as she bought her tix at another place for that similar concerto, but her's was at another location, so at the last minute, she had to rush to the other place, on the other side of Venice... Poor gal,she had to rush in her long dress n leather boots. But she managed to make it in time for the second half of the concert.

On Saturday we had sandwich for dinner, Andrea brought us to a terrific sandwich place where they had the most variety of sandwiches in Venice. We were hooked on the salmon, shrimp and crabstick sandwich and also tacchinno (turkey) mayo mix. Incredible servings at only 1.5 Euros. Its located near to the Rialto Bridge. Truely amazing. We bought the sadwiches back and enountered something uneventful that we will ever forget in Venice...

On our way back, we went our normal route back to the apartment, and we passed this group of teen, smoking and drinking along the allies. We passed by them and made our way. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back and when i turned, i saw Andrea being tripped by one of the teens. And the whole group were mocknig us. pulling their eyes down and slanting their eyes, while yelling out asians! asians! We cant believe that there are people here that discreminate other race. If without Asians and the surge of tourists, venice won't flourish. It reflects how these teens are being taught in school about racial discremination. it was utterly disgusting. Andrea was furious, and we was constantly jeered at as they walk pass. He was so furious that he called up his friend, an Italian and wanted to settle the problem. he felt that they were disrespectful. Meanwhile we were in our apartment having the sandwiches, watching spongebob,and was very worried for Andrea. But he came back 20 mins later, fine and a little better. Aparently his friend was so intimidating that he scared the bunch of 20 teens. Its very sad tht in this day and age, there is still race discremination around, and the education system is not doing anything to stop it.

After the entire ordeal, we had our dinner and left for soccer at Giardini. it was a long and chilly walk but a nice one. We wanted to run, but deb doesnt have track pants and are wearing jeans, so we walked there instead. We were just playing a simple passing game when a group of people swarmed into the football field. After the incident, we are a lil wary of the company at first, but they turned out to be a group of nice guys from the jewish community in the ghettos in Venice. They are here to contribute their services and teach to the jewish community here. It was more challenging playing agaiinst them, but exhausting.

Sunday, we went to a sushi restaurant (again on Andrea Expenses, but he insisted). Food was clearly overpriced and the ammount was little. Paid 105 Euros for a sushi boat and 2 side dishes. Sushis are much better and fresher in SG. YES back home in SG! With that price, we could've bought 10 boats. lol. We went back and Rofan bought desserts for us. 5 flavour Gelatos.
Got back to the apartment to play taiti (big two). And the forfit for the loser is to be drawn at their backs. This is so they will not know what is being drawn till end of the game. We had lots of ticklish fun of being drawn on. lol.. here are a few of the finalist. Andrea won the best drawn on contest!

Before we forgot and failed to mention, WE DO NOT HAVE HOT WATER since Saturday!!!! and gas at our apartment. It's ridiculos. Deb was showering halfway and suddenly there was a surge of cold water. and she jumped out of the tub! The cold water is not even funny, its crazy cold! We called the landlord, Max and he said that he will call the company, and till now we are waiting...its WEDNESDAY! What do we do instead, you might ask? We microwave water and transfer them to bottles of mineral water to shower. haiz... And we took turns to shower and fill up for each other. Believe me, it looks like we are on a water rationing

Rofan has left Venice for Istanbul, and will be back only on the 20th. Alan is now here, and hes bunking with us. He'll be here for about 3-4 days before leaving for florence. And Khim wil be coming down to Venice this evening with Pratas and more spices for us. haha. aren't we pigs! lol.

Tomorrow is our OFF day. Favourite day of the week, and we will be going out of the city to Treviso and also Padova. Alan will tagg along as he suggested cycling at the mountainous alps at Treviso, that would be fun. Scaling the mountains in our winter wear, braving through the near winter climate. i think we are nuts. but.. lets live a li'l dangerously..

Till friday!
.ryf n debs

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