Sunday, October 14, 2007


Its been a hectic week sofar. a lot of things snowballed and we were preocupied with things.
We went to Arsenale on our day off, could u believe it! More art exhibitions...OUR OFF DAY and we viewed more ART?!! arsenale was very intense with a gallery space, the size of 2 football field. There are many othrs, but we actually were caught up at the souvenir shop for about 30minutes. very NICE tees, just that its expensive for A tee(23Euros). I found the artwork on the left execptionally strong, although it could serve to be quite disrespectful. Hmmn, there were nice works aroud, sculptural ones prove to be more spectacular than others.

This artist packaged her works within suitcases (deb's favourite). She packed a series of offices within comparmentalized sections in the suitcase. Its amazing, how she included large bulky items such as typewriters, to teacup sets. Although not for carrying around. But for display. Thought provoking how working spaces could be packaged and you can bring that workspace anywhere around. What defines a workspace anyway? There were plenty of Video installations and most of them are not as effective as i think they should be. Come to think of it Zul's Sonic dome is the ONLY sound installation sofar. There were'nt much interactive media works at all in Arsenale.

Theres Also another work that resembles Joseph Beuys, and Vincent. The trenchcoat, is painted white and emerged from it are swirls of lines that lead up to an intricate pattern of maps. cool...Another work that is interesting is of a video work of people confessing that they are going to die. From all ages toall walks of life, to races. Its interesting to see that pause in their eyes when they utter those word "i will die". They know they are going to die suddenly.
its inevitable.

Before Arsenale, we went to San Marco Bascilica. Finally we made it in after 1 month here. it was amazing...golden mosaics all within the domes. nicely done paintings with mosaics. The highlight of the bascilica is actually the 4 horses of san marco which we are unable to take pictures of. Cameras are restricted so we only took pictures off the balcony of the bascilica. Nice view of San Marco Square.

Another stop that we made was at San Zacaria Curch. its one of the church with many wonderful paintings.. one of which was Bernini's last n most magnificient paintings. everyone was just gathering there and slotting coins, waiting for the spotlight to illuminate he paintings...
Very Excuisite.

Ok to cut things short, and not be so like a loh soh grandma (according to deb). Other things that we did were attending an ochestra, played soccer with Andrea and a couple of jewish kids. Got into a rascist fight... all in the next episode.

Tune in..


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Hi Deb and Ryf!

Its Nataliah, the perennial spy of the Singapore Pavilion blog. I am probably coming to Venice this weekend! Is there an email to reach ya guys at? Anyway, see you soon! :)


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