Monday, November 05, 2007

the End is near...

3 more days!!!!

Cass is arriving tomorrow afternoon... we cant wait !!
We will be leaving for Barcelona on the 15th.

4 days ago while cleaning the apartment, we stumbled upon a box full of lotuses. It was Jason's lotuses tucked away in the corner, we discovered there were 27pieces of Lotuses, and we put them up for sale! We were not informed that there were more lotuses in our apartment. And the lotuses were snapped up within two days. There was this couplme that bo]ought all 5 of the lotuses, must have wanted to recreate the smaller version of the chandelier.

Da wu's room is full of drawings and images that the table could no longer contain them. They spilled out to the floor and covered part of the room. He provided paper and drawing materials for visitors to draw/paint. The visitors were very excited and fond of contributing their artworks as part of the exhibition. But we are just wary as the visitors are allowed to keep their artworks, you would never know, if they took any of Da Wu's paintings. We kept checking the room to ensure that it does not happen.

The sonic dome has been a room full of treasures, where people leave their cameras, scarfs, hanphones behind. We had to constantly make rounds just to make sure that no one leaves anything behind. And they leave their mess as well, tissues and pieces of paper.

There was this perculiar writer from France who viewed Vincent's work and informed us that the penises from Vincent's sculptures were the same. We looked at him for a bit and then look at each other. We were just baffled. Why would anyone touch the penises of these sculptures, and what is he expecting, varyiing sizes? It was hilarious and we got a good laugh from that.

We are expecting more people nearing the end of the exhibition. So will write soon!
Have to clear the catalogues and the posters...

Vi di a'more
ryf n dubs.

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