Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the handover

salute from Aaron and Aparna finally in venice.!

sorry for the delay in blogging but trying to think of ways to equal tara's brilliant posts just led to procrastination..

tara is still here in venice... just living and loving.
joel has gone with his mum and sister to milan before returning to Singapore.

it is our 3rd official day working at the pavilion without Tara or Joel.
the handover was all smooth:
-we've met the pavilion drunk... who after being kicked out has lost his title of "Pavillion drunk" to just plain "Drunk"
-we've been introduced to the best pizza in town
-we've survived a Venetian storm
-we've stayed out till sunrise
so all the most important things have been taken care of.
-... and we've learned all the stuff to do in pavillion.

in all seriousness though, i feel a real sense of pride and empowerment working here and representing this art.
People have come out of the exhibition thanking Aaron and I for the cathartic experience...
one girl came out of the exhibition with her hand on her heart and wrote in the guestbook that the exhibition was a "pseudo-spiritual experience".
An artist, originally from Vietnam, living here in Venice absolutely fell in love with Jason's chandelier and bought one of his lotuses... then came back the next day and bought 8 more!
She said his work reminds him of a poem (she put in the guestbook) and hopes to meet him one day...

it's 12:44pm - the pavillion gets all hectic at lunch time!
there's a great mix of people: Venetians, other Italians, French, Germans, English, Americans, Korean tourists (the kind that take photos with and of everything), artists, families, the inspired, the uninspired, the sleazes ...

and just now, a massive group with an artist who previously exhibited work here in the palazzo and a girl who last year, went to the same art school as me !

this place is tiny.


Anonymous said...

the first post...
hope you guys are settling in ok.
promise that next weeki will be better at staying touch.
it's mad here now because of the opening of the singapore art show.

Debbie said...

Oh wow, sounds like all of you guys have been having a hell lota fun. Sorry haven't been keeping in touch with you guys too much, been busy with so many things back here, and yes, the Singapore Art Show. However, i have been secretly reading your posts. And they only get me more anxious in getting myself there. =)

- debbie (the other intern-to-be)