Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shades of Light

It has to be said. Joel is a far superior picture taker than I am.

This one is pretty wicked. Its the reflection of Palazzo Ducale on the water. Palazzo Ducale can be found in Piazza San Marco, and was the seat of the government of Venice for centuries, and the home of the Doge (the elected ruler of Venice).

From what I can remember from past art history classes. The palace is known to be a superb example of Venetian Gothic architecture. Gothic architecture in Italy definitely has its own special twist if you compare it to the quite stoic yet monumental examples of gothic architecture in England and France. Italian Gothic is incredibly camp. It looks more like a glorified christmas cake, rather than the typical austere moody facade of Gothic churches found in the rest of Europe. And on a very silly note.. i love how Palazzo Ducale exterior is pink. I think thats due to a mixing of white limestone and pink marble. The Palazzo touches a chord in me.. must be due to some failed childhood fantasy of living in a pink palace. I think the closest i got to that was painting some cardboard boxes neon pink, to house my growing collection of Barbie's.

Moving on...for trivia sakes, Palazzo Ducale also holds the world's largest painting done on canvas by Tintoretto, titled Paradise. Big-it-Up.

The next picture is of an abandoned Venetian apartment Joel stumbled upon during a morning walk.

Don't really know the history of this one.

Could do with new paint

Maybe.. a new wall.

a few people. And a table. Carpets?

And whilst I am at would be the perfect place to house some dismembered lifestock by Damien Hirst.

Or maybe Pete Doherty, cracked out in the corner.

Now that would be a interesting installation.

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