Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hay Cosas Que Pasan Mas Veces Que Todo El Tiempo

Absolutely loving the Mexican pavilion.

Well the building it is housed in really does it for me. Its in a Medieval Palazzo, absolutely stunning. When I have the time, I'll collect some pictures of the place. (To the right is a picture from the artists website of one of the installations from the Biennale which he showcased in Mexico.)

Plus the Mexcian pavilion party, which included a load of tequila and cerveza was not that bad either.

Here is a picture of it.. and of a few mates bobbing/lurching around the dance floor.

They had a Mexican DJ/visual artist who played a pretty awesome mix of electro house, topped off with a lot of wicked mexican percussion beats.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a bit of a legend. He has managed to use robotics, computerized sensors and video installations to really connect the viewer with the art.

One of the installations consisted of a hundred incandescent lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. You are then meant to hold a sensor which reads your heartbeat. Apon releasing the sensor..all the lightbulbs din.. and the first lightbulb directly in front of you starts to glow to your recorded heartbeat.. then the second person holds the sensor. The process sis repeated and your heartbeat moves on to the second lightbulb..and the second persons heartbeat appears on the first light bulb. I hope this all makes sense.

What you then realize is that your are standing in a room filled with a 100 different people's heartbeats, glowing at their own individual paces. It is wondrous.

When I heard about the pavilion. I dismissed it as a pseudo theme-park..something gadgety and 'cool' rather than holding any depth- similar to The Millenium Dome in London. Rafael manages to humanize that it is not something that only a mechanical engineer or technician would understand or appreciate.

In another is able to pick up different radio frequencies ranging from taxi dispatch networks, wireless phones, short-wave radio's..etc.. with their shadow. So the larger your shadow is ..the louder the sound...and the smaller your shadow is.. the softer the sound.

Many people won't consider this Art. But as I said before.. Contemporary Art really has no limits. Yes, there is a fair amount of rubbish being produced.. However, it is always amazing to stumble apon something unique, which leaves you buzzing and thinking after.

As to the Singapore Pavilion.. no complaints yet. I do get the occasional ratty tourist complaining about the lack of loo roll. But that's about it really.

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